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Mecca C&S Power Spring Design Software 

Design Accurately!!! - There are limited software options when it comes to designing power springs.  Mecca C&S Power Spring Design Software is the most advanced and accurate in use today!  The advanced features give a clear picture of the overall performance.

Save Time!!! - Prototyping, testing, re-prototyping, and re-testing can be an endless process.  Mecca C&S Power Spring Design Software can cut design and testing time significantly and get each product to market faster!

Save Money!!! - Of course time is money, but so is inefficiency.  By determining an efficient design, material and production costs can be saved throughout the life of the product!


Mecca C&S Power Spring Design Software is an application based software program that runs in Microsoft Excel 2003 or later.  The software is offered on a yearly license basis for an individual PC only and is hardware locked to a single PC through the use of a license key file.

The software is the most accurate and extensive power spring design software in use today.  It uses numerous formulas and FEA methods to accurately calculate outputs, model power spring performance, and estimate the costs of production.


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Basic Features:

  • Material selections for common power spring materials
  • Torque and turn preductions with graphical and numerical printouts
  • English or Metric units
  • Scale drawing of spring updates and adjusts automatically with parameter changes
  • Design recommendation guidelines and help pop-ups
  • Point entry for torque interpolation

Specialized Features:

  • Cycle life predictions based on preload and working turn inputs.
  • Torque graph shows wind & unwind curves based on FEA torque calculations.
  • Prestressed or conventional spring types.
  • Free coil diameter estimate and entry.
  • Winding arbor diameter prediction based on material thickness and anneal length.
  • Calculation of winding arbor turns required to wind and unwind spring.
  • Precoil or wound set options with shim and turn selections.
  • Free turn predictions based on manufacturing data entry.

Real Time Drawing:

  • Shows a scale representation of the spring
  • Accurately displays dead turns 
  • Automatically updates with each design change





Free State Display:

  • Displays to spring outside the housing in its free state
  • Shows prestressed or conventional shape
  • Changes with each design update automatically
  • Allows the user to adjust the manufactured shape




 Spring Reel Design Capabilities:

  • Enter the reel's design parameters
  • See a scaled representation displayed
  • Updates automatically with each design change
  • View pull force or torque or extension length


Free Trial Offer

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for a free 2 week software trial


3 Week License

Single Software Program
3 Week License Term

$600 USD

2 Month License

Single Software Program
2 Month License Term

$1,000 USD

6 Month License

Single Software Program
6 Month License Term 

$1,400 USD

1 Year Program License

1 Year License term Power Spring Design Software and free upgrades as available 

$2,100 USD

Special Requests or
Multi-Year Licenses

Additional customization, multi-year licenses, and volume discounts 

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*  All software requires Microsoft Excel 2003 or later.
*  Note: Microsoft Excel 2010 64 bit version can be supported but requires unique files.
*  Software is hardware locked to an individual PC using a special key file.

To Place an Order:

1.  Download the ID detection file (ComputerID.exe).  Running this file on the end use PC will show the computer ID code.  This PC must be the computer used to run the software.  Each license can only be run on 1 computer and can never be transferred without purchasing a new license.

2.  Send product request, computer ID code, your e-mail address, and contact information to

3.  Read and accept software license agreement terms before purchasing product.

4.  Provide payment using a secure transaction through Paypal or by mailing a certified bank check.

5.  Receive email with .exe application file and hardware key file.  Copy all files to the desktop of the end use computer.  Double click the .exe file to run the program.

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